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Pakistan | Public Notice on Type Approval

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), issued the last 10th of February a Public Notice: Import / Sale / Use of Telecom Equipment Including Fixed/Wireless Devices Without Having Valid Permissions /Type Approval / Certificate of Compliance (CoC) to Technical Standards Is Prohibited.

PTA informs to the public to not buy any telecommunication / wireless equipment without the valid type approval certificate because of the “risk to health, security and degrade quality of service”

PTA also informs all e-commerce website that are advertising and selling devices without Type Approval to remove all such products. In addition, general public is also advised not to buy this kind of not approved devices with are importing through informal channels.

You may check the public notice at the PTA Notice Public link.

Pakistan Type Approval Database

The list of approved equipment can be checked through the PTA database website

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