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We are a team that loves new technologies and like to keep up to date with LPWAN technology, the technology that will fill our lives. We also have extensive knowledge on the international homologation processes as well as the regulations and standards that the equipment must meet in order to put it on the market.


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Internet of Things | LPWAN Technologies

Focusing on radio equipment, mainly low power wireless area network (LPWAN) technologies that support the Internet of Things. We investigate the requirements of Sigfox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-CATMx technologies.

International Type Approval Services

To provide support to manufacturers on all the type approval process, helping you in understanding exactly what is needed and giving advice on the regulatory requirements that must be complied during each step until getting the approval certificate.

Radio Regulatory News and Research Services

We keep up to date about all regulatory, standards, regulations changes related to the homologation process. We also offer research services related to the requirements that radio equipment must comply with in order to be marketed in the target market.

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